Healthy Snacks & Desserts

Healthy Snacks & Desserts cooking class and book signing Sunday, August 14, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Fairfax Station, VA  featuring guest chef Emily Mainquist,  author of Sweet Vegan.  Past classes have included some of the following: Rice Crispy Treats, Key Lime Pie, Caramel Popcorn, Cheesecake, Fudgesicles, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Molten Lava Brownies, Twinkies, Homemade Ice Cream, Cupcakes, Organic Fruit Tart, Chocolate Mousse Pie. Plus Emily will make and sample recipes from her new cookbook! A portion of the proceeds from Emily’s book will be donated to Farm Sanctuary. Visit her website, vegan bakery and kiosks in Baltimore, MD 

No meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, or honey. $55/person (sorry, no discounts for guest chef classes).  Demonstration classes include recipes, organic food samples, manufacturers’ samples and coupons. Gift certificates available.

Make checks payable to Mimi Clark, 9302 Hallston Ct., Fairfax Station, VA 22039. Sorry, no phone or email reservations. Seventy-two hour cancellation policy for refund or credit. Class subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment is not met.

or call 703.643.2713 for space availability.

Coming up: Beans & Grains


5 responses to “Healthy Snacks & Desserts

  1. Andrea Netherwood

    One need not be vegan to benefit from this class…your taste buds will be satisfied regardless of your diet.

  2. I have almost completed a year’s cycle of Mimi’s classes. It has been a great start for my vegan journey. This class had many sweets that were sweet and healthy. I am eager to make Mimi’s rice crispie treats. Emily’s desserts were delicious. I especially enjoyed the peach biscuits.

  3. Great stuff! A real treat to take this class with Mimi. I was definitely inspired to try some new things!

  4. Mimi, It is always a treat—and a huge learning experience—to attend your classes. While I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, I have 6 guys at home who LOVE sweets. They have become so excited over every new recipe I try. I’ll become a vegan baker by default! You are a fabulous teacher and a great inspiration.

  5. Mimi, as one of the six sweet-toothed guys that Chelle has to deal with, it was a revelation to see and taste such delicious things made from healthy ingredients. Your class was not only an eye (and taste bud) opening experience, but quite entertaining as well. Thanks for a great day!

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