Beans & Grains

Beans & Grains, Sunday, September 9, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.  Fairfax Station, VA. Learn to cook with ancient “new” grains, and lesser-known beans. Past classes have included some of the following: Lentil Walnut Pate, Black Bean Hummus, Herbed White Bean Pate, White Bean & Kale Soup, Teff Polenta, Azuki Bean Patties w/ Szechwan Sauce, Cumin-Scented Orange Black Beans, Creamy Millet Mash, Spelt/Kamut/Barley Combo, Buckwheat Tabouli, Quinoa & Wheatberry Salad, Black Bean Brownies, Blueberry Amaranth Cake.

No meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, or honey. $55/person; $100/two people; $50/VSDC, VRG, COK members. Demonstration classes include recipes, organic food samples, manufacturers’ samples and coupons. Gift certificates available.

 Make checks payable to Mimi Clark, 9302 Hallston Ct., Fairfax Station, VA 22039. Sorry, no phone or email reservations. Seventy-two hour cancellation policy for refund or credit. Class subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment is not met.

or call 703.643.2713 for space availability.

Coming up: October 14 Meatless Makeovers


10 responses to “Beans & Grains

  1. Another fantastic class. Each time I go away from these classes I wonder why it took me this long to become vegan. And now I am so proud I am!
    I enjoyed learning about the vast nutritional power of several beans and grains that are far too under-appreciated! Can’t wait for another trip to MOM this week–I’m planning on focusing first on making the two-grain sesame salad and the creamy millet mash!

  2. Thanks so much for all of the samples. The Beanitos chips were in the house for a whole 5 minutes, before my husband said – “hey what are those?”
    I plan to make the bean patties, two grain sesame salad and the millet mash. It was all so delicious. Can’t wait for the next class.

  3. The Beans and Grains class was my first class with Mimi and she did an amazing job explaining the nutritional value of these foods as well as making everything she made look so simple. Mimi has so much knowledge regarding the vegan way of life as well as local places of operation to find some of the more “exotic” ingredients that she makes what might have been confusing a non-factor. I’m signed up for the Oct class and can’t wait to learn more!

  4. The Beans and Grains class was my second class; my first one was the International. This class had a deeper impact on me than that of the first because I never knew how to cook beans and grains properly before. Mimi took time to introduce and explain each type of grain and bean before demonstrating how to cook them. Also as with all her classes, she provides samples for student to taste and take home. In her handouts, she also provides helpful resources for those who are new to veganism.

    What impressed me the most was not just the class Mimi presented, but how helpful she is to her students. I have emailed her after class to clarify some questions, and she tirelessly answered each and every one of them with references and resources to back up her claims.

    Before taking her classes, I thought I would be alone with my vegan journey. But after the second class, I know that Mimi and others will guide me and that I should never doubt my choice of new lifestyle.

    I hope anyone out there reading this comment would give Mimi’s class a try. It will change your life.

  5. I loved Mimi’s Beans and Grains class. So – I started my adventure yesterday. I made 4 of the recipes for a dinner I was having for guests that were NOT Vegan. They loved all of them. Especially the quinoa and wheatberry salad. No complaints from anyone. Mimi’s directions were great and I was able to recreat the recipes without any difficulty. It did take me a little time – but I feel that with a little better planning I could cut the time down. We have lot of handouts and information on each and everything she cooked. It makes it much easier to do at home.

    Also, Mimi followed-up after the class to make sure that I got the information that I needed. And, she answered my questions promptly. Love that!!!

    Can’t wait for the next class. I highly recommend Mimi’s classes. Don’t be afraid…..You can do it.

  6. My wife and I attended Mimi’s Beans and Grains class together. We have been vegan for several years and were looking for new ways to increase our dinner options. We registered for Mimi’s class on a whim and are very thankful we did! I think the class was geared more towards cruelty-free-eating beginners, but even two self-proclaimed veterans learned quite a bit. We look forward to trying more grains beyond our staple brown rice, wheat couscous, and quinoa (the wheat berries and millet mash were particular revelations). We eat a ton of beans (c’mon, what vegan doesn’t?) but had never tried azuki before–looking forward to making a big batch of Mimi’s azuki bean patties and freezing them for quick meals when we’re too lazy to whip something up from scratch.

    Mimi’s knowledge, passion, and flair for teaching made this class a great experience. Highly recommended to the curious and expert alike! As other students mentioned above, Mimi’s kind and thorough email follow-ups to questions and thoughts have been welcome surprises–it’s is great knowing that we have a veg friend, support, and resource in Mimi beyond her class.

  7. My husband and I attended Mimi’s beans and grains class. What I find amazing is how she can prepare many dishes that we enjoy without using animal products, yet maintain flavor. We took home a sample of the black bean brownies and gave it to our daughter, who thought it tasted pretty good. Just hearing the word ‘vegan’ left me searching for a piece of chicken in the fridge. Now, I use soy protein as a substitute for some of our recipes and we enjoy them as a family. If you think the comments are just hype, we encourage you to put it to the test.

  8. My first class with Mimi was “Beans and Grains.” Her knowledge and experience with vegan cooking is amazing, and her passion for it is the icing on the cake! Everything she made – and we tasted – was delicious, and I know that I now have an invaluable resource on my journey toward being a vegan, especially regarding the nutrition involved. Mimi is also very quick to send thorough email responses, and it’s easy to make a connection with her…..she’s very inspiring!

  9. Colleen M. Busher

    “Beans and Grains” was my sixth class with Mimi, and as always, it was a great experience. The “Creamy Millet Mash” is so tasty and easy to make, and a reminder that there are many great alternatives to the traditional dairy laden mashed potato side dish. In fact, as I learn to use more “new to me” ancient grains, spices, and condiments, I no longer think of these dishes as “substiitutions,” but as healthful, delicious family favorites in my kitchen. I’m looking forward to the next class with Mimi!

  10. My husband and I are thinking of adopting a more plant-based diet, but I was a little hesitant since it implied endless salads. I was pleasantly surprised by Mimi’s Beans and Grains class–I never heard of some of the beans and grains, nor have I ever really been successful with cooking the ones I did know. The class opened the door to endless possibilities for me, and now I find myself thinking of ways to incorporate the healthful beans and grains in my meals. This class probably is the reason for my sudden passion for quinoa! Also, Mimi is extremely responsive to all my email questions, which is always nice.

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