Sushi & International Cuisine, Sunday, April 28

IMG_1733Back by popular demand, this is a repeat of the March 24 class (scroll down). 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Fairfax Station. Only a few spaces left! Email or call for space availability.

Coming up: May 19 Comfort Foods (repeat of February 10 class)


4 responses to “Sushi & International Cuisine, Sunday, April 28

  1. It was a great class! It was my second time through Sushi and International Cuisine. The menu was so different from the last time. Thanks Mimi! The Chana Masala, Penne Pasta and Beef and Broccoli are all must makes for me.

  2. Enjoyed this class! As always Mimi is a wealth of information on the latest in healthful living. The meals were delicious and her instruction easy to follow. I love the variety she provides — there’s something for everyone’s palate. Loved the Chana Masala, penne pasta, sushi, and baked spring rolls. I’ve been to several of her classes over the past year and half and all have been fun, informative, and best of all taste bud tantalizing.

  3. courtney corn

    My husband and i recently took Mimi’s Sushi and international cuisine class. it was amazing. i have been a vegan for many years and now my diet is plays a huge role in my life being that i was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 37. This was an amazing treat- we learned new delicious recipes and my (6 and 7-year old children) have been loving the new entrees as well. looking forward to attending more classes in the future..

  4. My husband and I are moving towards becoming vegetarians. He’s making the transition easily, while I’m dragging my feet somewhat because most of the vegetarian recipes that I know aren’t similar enough to what I’m used to (I tend to gravitate towards Asian cuisines). The Sushi and International Cuisine class was fantastic because it made me realize that the food that I love can be cruelty free and still yummy–especially, the Penne Pasta! I’m not a big pasta fan, but the Penne Pasta was pretty good.

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