Comfort Foods Sunday, February 12, 2017


Comfort Foods, Sunday, February 12, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Fairfax Station, VA Put a healthy slant on foods that satisfy and de-stress. Kid-friendly recipes will include some of the following: Meatloaf/Sweet Potato Fries (pictured above), Fully Loaded Nachos, Shepherd’s Pie, Goulash, Corn Dogs, Hush Puppies, Mac & Cheese, Roasted Vegetable Pizza, Chicken-free Noodle Soup, Winter Greens w/ Cashew Cream, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Nutty Noodles, Baked Ziti, Onion Rings, Homemade Ice Cream , Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Pudding.

No meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, or honey. $55/person; $100/two people; $50/VSDC, VRG, COK members, students and seniors with ID. Demonstration classes include recipes, organic food samples, manufacturers’ samples and coupons. Gift certificates available.

Email, or call 703.643.2713 for space availability prior to sending payment. Make checks payable to Mimi Clark, 9302 Hallston Ct., Fairfax Station, VA 22039. Sorry, no phone or email reservations. Seventy-two hour cancellation policy for refund or credit. Class subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment is not met.

Coming in March: Food from Around the World including Sushi


6 responses to “Comfort Foods Sunday, February 12, 2017

  1. Fantastic class! I’m new to veganism, and this was just the thing I needed to get me confident in the kitchen. The sliders were excellent (and convincing!), and the “chicken” soup is on the menu for family dinner this week. So glad I went!

  2. Nichole J Wilson

    I really enjoyed this class on comfort foods. We all know that comfort foods are apart of American classic cooking. I am transitioning from meat to veganism, and being a former “chicken hawk”, I still need something to help me at least think I am eating meat. I have to say, this class didn’t leave me disappointed! The “not chicken” chicken soup, and the “no beef” beef sliders were very good. I have often been very skeptical of vegan and vegetarian food due to taste. I don’t want nasty food! I have to admit, in the beginning I had to get used to different flavors in general, but it’s more of a mental thing; not necessarily taste. I absolutely love the good tasting recipes that Mimi demonstrates for the class. I also love the way Mimi educates on the products she uses in the recipes. She always gives us “sound” nutritional information on the main ingredients and products. Job well done Mimi!

  3. Another fun, friendly, educational and yummy class!! Mimi truly makes you feel at home and goes above and beyond to make sure you understand and answer your questions. I enjoyed all of the recipes but especially the chickenless soup, chocolate pudding and sliders. I have attempted many vegan version burgers in the past but they always fall apart. Finally one that stays together and tastes amazing!!!

  4. Wonderful class. I have been sick and Mimi’s Chickenless Noodle soup. It was just what the doctor ordered. Next up, the Chocolate Orange Mousse! The entire class was dedicated to making comfort foods with several options/suggestions for variations. If you are new to Vegetarianism/Veganism, transitioning to Vegetarian/Vegan, and/or looking to add more meatless options to your repertoire that everyone will enjoy, this class is a MUST!

  5. I was so excited for this class, because I love my Comfort Foods and this was worth it! I can’t wait to make the chickenless soup because it was delicious and it would be very good for a sore throat or rainy day. The pudding also amazed me…I never though bean juice could taste so good! Yes, bean juice, Mimi teaches you amazing miracles in her class. Each and every class brings new excitement, satisfaction for your taste buds, and knowledge to fill your brain! I can’t wait for her class in March!

  6. There were so many recipes that I liked in this class! The Chicken-Free Nuggets were crispy and crunchy on the outside outside, but still moist inside. I can’t wait to apply this crispy coating to other vegetables. The Chicken-Free Noodle Soup was very yummy with dill. It is fast and easy to make. There were two Mac & Cheese versions, one with pimentos and one with turmeric, so we could choose which one we liked best (I liked both of them!). The chocolate mousse was rich and creamy with orange flavoring which added a wonderful dimension to it. Great class!

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