What professionals/colleagues are saying: 
“Mimi’s cooking classes are educational, motivating, and fun.  Whether you’re vegan or not, Mimi’s classes will inspire you to go home and make the recipes.”
-Chef Tal Ronnen, author of The Conscious Cook
“Mimi’s candies and desserts not only taste like the real thing, they are not cloyingly sweet. Her peanut butter cups put Mr. Reese to shame.”          
 -Sara Sohn, www.sweetandsara.com  
 “Mimi demystifies vegan cooking and shows you how to make  familiar and yummy home-style foods without any animal products. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this years ago!”
-Wendy Rieger, NBC4 News Anchor  
“Mimi Clark is among the preeminent instructors in the natural foods industry today. Her product familiarity and culinary knowledge is vast, current, and thorough.”
-Joanne Stepaniak, M.S. Ed., noted vegan author and educator
“I was thrilled when the superb vegan cooking instructor, Mimi Clark asked me to be a guest instructor in her popular cooking classes. Mimi is a dynamo– a wonderfully enthusiastic teacher whose (themed) classes are well organized and packed full of reliable recipes that are so delicious they appeal to vegans and omnivores alike.”
-Fran Costigan, Pastry Chef, Culinary Instructor, Cookbook Author
“Mimi is a wealth of information, experience, and creativity.  Her enthusiasm and thoughtful insights make compassionate and healthy eating easy and exciting.”
-Saurabh Dalal, President, Vegetarian Society of DC (VSDC)
What students are saying: 

“I have been on a 100% vegan diet since last Sunday’s class and I feel great!  It is SO EASY to do!” -Kris F., Springfield, VA

“I have been attending Mimi’s classes off and on for 5 years. She is motivating and inspirational, and her recipes are delicious!”
-Sue P.,  Annandale, VA

“Attending Mimi’s classes has been life-changing for me and my family.  Her recipes  are nutritious and easy to reproduce at home.” -Linda R., Washington, D.C.

“Mimi’s classes are fun and informative. I’ve made some of her recipes for my  non-veg. coworkers, and they loved them! “
-Linda G., Joppatowne, MD

“Mimi’s classes prove that the most delicious meals are the ones made without animal products. I recommend her classes to everyone!” -Siobhan Kelly

“I have taken over 30 of Mimi’s classes. She is an encyclopedia of vegan cooking; a healthy version of Rachael Ray!”
-Mary K., Alexandria, VA

“Mimi’s classes have added years to my life.  By increasing the vegetable fiber in my diet, I lost weight and was able to decrease my meds.” -Diane V., Fairfax, VA 

25 responses to “Testimonials

  1. I took Mimi’s Soups and Stews class and it was fantastic! It really inspired me to try new foods, create a more nutritious and healthy lifestyle, and think outside of the box to make fun and tasty vegetarian and vegan meals. Thanks so much!

  2. I just returned from the International Cooking class. It was absolutely delicious and really interesting. Mimi taught us cooking techniques as well as the diversity that can be achieved through vegan products. The food was tasty and unique, as well as simple. The recipes were accessible and inspired me to go home and cook! I can’t wait to try the recipes at home.
    I highly recommend this class to anyone, not just vegetarians or vegans, because these recipes will would be great for anyone to try!

  3. I have been a vegetarian for several years, and have learned that healthy vegan cooking is an art. Mimi is knowledgeable about products, recipes and culture. She makes learning fun, and I always leave her classes in direct route to the store, anxiously preparing to cook something she shared with the class.

    I plan on attending as many classes as I can each month. Mimi has made me excited about vegan cooking! 🙂

  4. I took Mimi’s Meals in Minutes class this past Sunday and I had so much fun. I have only been following a vegan diet for a few months and it was so nice to be surrounded by people who enjoy the same way of eating. Mimi was helpful with answering where products can be found, substitiutions, how to change our favorite meals that might have had meat in them, etc. Meals in minutes was great because finding something quick and easy to make can often be challenging for me since I am still educating myself with this way of life! I am going to take her Soy class in April! I would recommend it to anyone!

  5. I’ve taken all of Mimi’s classes and loved each one of them. Her Beans and Grains class was life changing for me. She inspired me to pursue a career in health and wellness so that I too may help others transform their health.

  6. Want to thumb through a variety vegan cookbooks and have the option to buy on the spot? Want to learn about vegan commerical foods and try most, if not all of them? Like coupons? But most of all, want to be able to see and taste the selected recipe’s? If you said yes to any of these questions, try Mimi’s class! You’ll get all this and more. Very informative!!

  7. Shuyinthia Hembry

    Greetings Chef Mimi:
    I just had to stop by to let you know how wonderfully informative, resourceful and DELICIOUS your classes are!! You are a true advocate for vegan living. I attended several classes last year and they were all spectacular. Your expertise, ease in presentation and joy for what you know and share goes beyond words. I especially love that you plate everything for us to sample, show us the actual packaging of items you use and breakdown recipes so that we understand and supplement for extras we like.
    I brag about you all the time to my friends wanting to learn more about being vegan. Knowing you has been an experience. I’m soooooooo impressed with your activism and for showing us how to advocate for vegan foods within grocery stores and restaurants. You’ve truly inspired me. And I’m especially excited to announce to you that………………………….. I’m VEGAN Now!!!! My husband and I have both taken the Vegan Pledge through a local group called Open the Cages and will continue to learn and grow into this lifestyle, long after the pledge period is done (Feb 27 -Mar 27). I thank you so much for your encouragement, support, wealth of knowledge and care in all that you do. Continue to be all that you are.
    We will see you in a class soon, as we are even more excited to learn to prepare our meals in the most earth/animal conscious, healthiest, and delicious manner we can.
    Look forward to learning from you soon.

  8. Mimi’s class at Compassion Over Killing http://www.cok.net was fun and very informative. All the food was TASTY!
    We plan on attending many more classes and we hope to bring some meat eating friends along so that we can change their minds!

    Thank you!

  9. Cheryl Clausson

    I thoroughly enjoyed your cooking class at COK on Saturday! Can’t wait to attend another of your cooking classes! So informative! Thank you much!

  10. Cheryl Clausson

    Oh, I forgot to tell you that I made the “Chik’n salad” wraps for Easter brunch and they were a hit! Everyone loved them, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike! Thank you for that great recipe – can’t wait to make it again!

  11. Mimi’s zest for creating healthy, delicious meals is entertaining and inspiring. She’s a wealth of information and participants in her classes come away with the know-how to prepare vegan meals that will please everyone!

  12. I took the meatless meals class this past weekend. This is my 4th class with Mimi. My challenge is that my family consists of one vegan, 2 vegetarian- struggling vegans, and 2 meat eaters. Try cooking for this crowd. Last night I made the chicken parmesan and tonight the shepards pie. They were a hit even with the hardcore meat eaters. Wow- I am so excited that I can cook healthy food that everyone loves- Thanks Mimi- I am so excited about this. As always I loved the class.

  13. I took Mimi’s Holiday Cooking Class and really enjoyed it. It was the perfect opportunity to try tons of products without having to buy every one, and it was wonderful to see how to prepare them. I made the cranberry sorbet and it was delicious. A little tart, but I loved that. Then I made it with mixed berries and agave syrup and organge juice. It was smoother and creamier than the cranberry one, and a bit sweeter tasting, probably because cranberries are fairly tart. Also fabulous. We had both for dessert for an Indian dinner party, and everyone loved them. Thanks Mimi.

  14. I just took Mimi’s Holiday Entertaining and Gifts course and it was fantastic! Not only were the desserts delicious, but Mimi also has a ton of affordable and easy ideas for turning those homemade goodies into great gifts. I always enjoy Mimi’s humor and wisdom and come away from her classes with great new ideas to try out in my own kitchen. If you are doing it right, which Mimi always does, there is no noticeable difference between the vegan and nonvegan version of food items…I can’t wait to pass off the shortbread cookies, artichoke dip, and fudge I just learned how to make in Mimi’s class as regular old food to my family!

  15. Mimi’s cooking classes and informative and motivational. Not only does she invite you into your home and feed you full of her goodies, but she teaches you to do it yourself. I will be attending the next class, as well as the others until I have taken them all! Thank you, Mimi, for making veganism even more fun and tasty!

  16. I just attended my first class with Mimi and will definitely be signing up for more! Her class is fun, informative, and so easy to follow! I appreciated that she taught at a level that even the most unskilled of cooks like me could understand! What a wonderful experience to be able to watch and listen as she prepared the meals. I was so pleased to be able to sample everything she made and was impressed with the results — absolutely the tastiest vegan meals I’ve had yet! I know my family of pickyeaters are going to love the new meals I have in store for them and will never miss the meat thanks to Mimi’s creative and delicious recipes.
    I went in to her class feeling defeated and discouraged about getting myself and my family to become vegan, but I left feeling confident and elated that I can incoporate this new healthy way of eating into our lives with no problem at all. I can’t wait to learn more! Thank you Mimi for this wonderful opportunity! You are an amazing teacher and I’m so grateful to have found you. What a blessing!

  17. Tracy Coppola

    I strongly recommend Mimi’s class. I took the International Foods class today and I went away very inspired! Mimi walks you through several amazing dishes, options within many, provides taste samples of many products and final dishes, and is extremely well-informed on all the products on the market and many not even yet on the market. Privilege to have joined today and I know I will be back for the next one.

  18. Kirby & Sharia Garland

    My wife & I recently took a private cooking class with Mimi and was pleasantly surprised that vegan meals were just as tasty and easy to prepare as standard meals.

    My wife was diagnosed with MS several years back was advised by a naturopathic doctor to change to a vegan lifestyle. She did it (with my support :-)) for around 3 months and began to feel much better. In fact, her walking improved so much that she did not use her cane for over one year after that. To make a long story short, we abandoned the lifestyle gradually by introducing meat and dairy back into our diet. Fast-forward 4 years and here we are now. Excited for a second chance. I believe if we had met Mimi back then we would not have relapsed as bad, if at all. We were killing ourselves with food that didn’t agree with our taste buds. I guess it was a matter of time before we picked up a juicy hamburger again!

    Well, back to Mimi. She went above and beyond our expectations to ensure our experience with her was enjoyable. I popped on her at the last minute that we needed a gluten-free menu and she didn’t miss a beat. She is a true professional and from the moment you meet her it becomes obvious that this is her passion. I think that’s what sets her apart. To this day she still sends us tips and inspirational messages to help us along our journey.

    Perhaps the most convincing testimonial is not all of the valuable information and recipes that we received, but are these three things:
    1) I DETEST EGGS, but Mimi’s eggs were absolutely delicious. How about that!
    2) Our 5-year-old boy enjoyed EVERY dish! …and this is someone who will only eat grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and gummy bears!
    3) This hasn’t happened yet since we have just resumed our journey, but we believe my wife’s MS-related symptoms will soon subside. Keep a look out for our updated testimonial!

    Thanks for letting us share!

  19. Mimi’s cooking demonstration cooking class was as fun and pleasant as it was informative and helpful!
    Although I am neither vegetarian nor vegan, I enjoyed learning about vegan cooking, ingredients to avoid, and how I can possibly switch to a vegan diet!
    I loved her explanations on how to cook the food, when to put in the ingredients, how fast or slow, and the best part of all, getting to taste the dishes!!!

    I look forward to another class and thank you so much!

  20. This week I had the opportunity to try Jovial gluten free brown rice pasta, recommended and sent by Mimi Clark, serving it for dinner to my husband and son – neither of which are vegetarian or gluten free. Both of them loved it! I’ve tried other gluten free pasta products before but had found most disappointing. I look forward to feeding my family more meals like this more regularly in the future!

    Olga in Sterling, VA

  21. I recently attended Mimi’s holiday baking and entertaining class and it was delightful! We covered peanut butter cups and dark chocolate peppermint patties, along with candied nuts, nut brittle, vegan sugar cookies, gingerbread, and much more! She also had many clever ideas for home baked gift presentation and centerpieces. It was a lot of fun!

  22. I attended Mimi’s Sushi & International Cuisine cooking class on March 24, 2013. We learned about several variations of sushi, types of rice to use and how to cook it, how to cook the vegetables, assembing sushi, the method for rolling the ingredients within the sushi nori seaweed sheets using a bamboo sushi mat and slicing the roll into sections using a very sharp, hot, wet knife. Mimi made the preparation so simple and the results were delicious. Among other dishes, we learned about baked spring rolls, Hunan-style orange “beef” (seitan), and my favorites: chana masala (spiced chick peas) and aloo sag (potatoe & spinach). We got to eat samples of all the dishes Mimi cooked, which was so enjoyable. I learned a lot and hope to attend more of her classes.

  23. Stacy De La O

    I’ve taken three, nearly consecutive, cooking classes … with more to come for sure. As a new vegan, Mimi’s classes have been invaluable. Besides her easy-to-follow instructions, packaging visuals, nutritian & shopping tips, new vegan product coupons, marvelous tasters and other take-aways, her terrific hospitaily and humor heighten an already great experience. Trust me, after 22 years of doing this, Mimi has this down to an art & science … with heart.

  24. Mimi makes vegan cooking approachable to both carnivores and omnivores alike. Whether you are looking to eat healthier or have medical concerns leading you toward a clean diet, Mimi is also an incredible source of knowledge. She is more than happy to listen to your concerns and provide you with tips to make your transition easier – not to mention her delicious recipe creations presented in her classes! From classic comfort food to ethnic food for the more adventurous, Mimi can really do it all; you won’t miss cutting back on your meat intake or eliminating it entirely. For anyone who is already following a vegan lifestyle, Mimi is a wonderful person to connect with as you will most likely learn something new or broaden your horizons with a new recipe!

  25. My husband and I took the Meatless Holidays class to better accommodate vegan guests on Thanksgiving. In addition to some great recipes for Thanksgiving we picked up some tips I plan to use from now on that are simple to implement and will surely improve the way we eat overall. e.g, why saute in oil if broth will do? I appreciate the attention to detail and for educating us on which products to use and not use

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